Monday, May 14, 2012

Various works in progress

I thought it'd be cool to post up a few of the various things that I'm working on in addition to Vic, and the two Underdwellers (which you can see down the page).

First up is Fallen Earth model I reworked called a Super Soldier. He's kind of a cross between a caveman and a gorilla. Since we didn't have animators at this time, he's proportioned to fit on a pre-existing rig and work with existing animations. On the left is his Zbrush sculpt, and on the right is his game model. This is actually in-game, but the armor he's wearing was modeled by someone else. I'd like to do my own armor for him, so that's the hold-up on this guy. His texture could be better, too.
Another Fallen Earth creature called a Throwback that I reworked because I wasn't happy with the original. Our mutants weren't nearly mutant-looking enough, so I pushed this guy a bit more. Like the Super Soldier above, he was proportioned to fit the original rig and work with those animations. This is the Zbrush sculpt for him. He has been projected to a low-poly version, but since there's no texture I won't bother showing it. To finish this, he'll need to be textured, and again, this guy has armor that will need to be modeled.
This was a creature designed for Sector 4 of Fallen Earth. It's basically a plant zombie, where the plants use the body as locomotion. This needs a fair amount of texture work. Like the above guys, we didn't have any animators when I did this guy, so I proportioned him to fit the above Throwback rig and use his animations. It actually worked really well.

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