Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First of all, my website has been revamped to look more professional, and to not make me look completely incompetent at graphic design (which the old one did). The biggest addition to the site is the "art direction" section, which chronicles the visual improvements made during my time as the art director. The character work is still out of date, which is a problem if I'd like to actually get a job (which I would). I'm starting to figure out that there aren't any "easy wins" with updating older work. What starts as a quick polish ends up turning into a nearly complete reworking. I still have about 6 half-finished revamps (some started as side-projects when I worked at Fallen Earth). I did manage to sneak in a little contract work, which I can show off in about six months due to NDA stuffs.

It is becoming clear that in order to stay in the Raleigh area, which is my preference, I'll need to show off some other skills. That's why I'll be working on an environment piece when I'm done with Underdweller#2 here.

 As for this guy, he's about 75% done. Even in this state, I like him far more than his 5-year-old counterpart.

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